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All of this wouldn't be possible, or at least wouldn't be the same, sometimes surely less challenging but certainly less enjoyable, if it weren't for the people with whom we collaborate every day:

Alessandro Pialli (@piallialessandro), our master in the cellar. He hosts us at his home and we carry out various projects together. We have far-reaching visions

Enrico Leonardi, our master in the vineyard.

Ey studio , which patiently accompanies us in the communication and development part.

Aspro Studio , without which we couldn't realize the great project of the Rural Gardens.


For the commercial part (in geographical order)

Riccardo Ramacciotti, +393483688773 (Milano)

Convivio, (Vicenza)

Mauro Businaro, +393920390992 (Padova e Venezia)

Stefano Cavalieri D'oro, +393336224455 (Ferrara e Rovigo)

Le Vin Sauvage, (Marche)

Stappo, (Roma)

Nomura Unison, @unison_wine (Japan)

Thanks to this fantastic team, we are reaching where we want to be, with many customers who choose us. Some have become friends, many we don't know personally yet, but we would like to, and we are working on it.

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