vendemmia venerdì garganega

Adagio means us learn to wait to get something special, express ourself, making wines respecting nature and love what vineyards and terroir can give us


Some time has passed since we decided to start near Vicenza Adagiovini project and since we took the first step; almost 3 years just to find the first place with prospective and feel we were looking for.

Every year since then, we’ve tried to add key elements, with commitment, work and passion.


We decided to start from the roots, and the roots are always connected to traditions. So we started with our land most typical vine Garganega, a white grape, and Tai Rosso, a red grape.   

We also have a small vineyard of chardonnay, we’ll use it to make experiment. The first will be using an amphora.

During 2018 we planted a Ribolla Gialla vineyard. It’s typical from Friuli and Slovenja but we love it and we think it could give grate expression of itself in our land in Via Cognola (at least we hope so)

Innovation and respect of tradition are basic elements to make wine capable to convey feels and emotions.