(our first wine)

For Friday and for when you wish already it was

uva garganega
vino naturale venerdì garganega

For many people Friday is the time to stop working and embrace passions and hobbies, it’s a liberating moment and you feel yourself happy and free, it can’t be Friday everyday but sometimes you can revive that mood. For us this wine makes it possible. Sometimes on Sunday, sometimes on Monday

The farmland where Venerdì vineyard is situated it’s a romantic hill, south oriented, kissed by the sun and with a beautiful panorama of the plain. It perfectly represents the emotions this wine evokes.

It’s a still white wine, 100% Garganega grapes, hand harvested in small case. It has an intense flavour, it’s fresh and sapid almost marine. Spontaneous fermented

First harvest 2016

In 2016 we produced 819 bottles

Details in the attached




Sometimes it’s simply pleasant to be without thoughts (Senza Pensieri)


We were looking for a wine that could embody a moment of quiet and peacefulness. Being without thoughts is nearly a privilege. The wine is lively and racy, easy to drink but not common or trivial.

It’s a sparkling white wine (Martinotti way), 100% Garganega grapes, hand harvested in small case. It’s fresh and easy to drink, with strong apple flavour. It’s an extra-brut. The first fermentation is spontaneous, the second, in an autoclave



First harvest 2017

In 2017 we produced about 2.000 bottles

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The chardonnay vineyard is close to venrdì, same exposure. It’s really small so we’ll try to make a singular wine. For the 2018 harvest, the first one, we’re trying to use an amphora, to have a wine that remember ancient scents and flavors

First harvest 2018



We have two vineyards of Tai rosso, one in Villaga area and one in Barbarano, both have a south exposure but the first is a little bit lower. They’re young (2017 and 2018). We will try to revive the traditional expression of this grape and terroir

First harvest should be in 2019. 



The vineyard was planted in 2018. We love ribolla and we think it should be great in this kind of ground.


First harvest should be in 2021