SINCE 2016...

We would be happy to tell you about our winery ancient origin and how we learn the deep secret of our terroir and vineyards, but the truth is we’re just born and we have a lot to learn and discover. So we’re really grateful to all the fantastic people and friends that are teaching and accompanying us


In the last years we thought about the meaning of “natural wines”, definitions, categories and reasons why people are in love, or hate, with something just because it fits a definition.

Natural Wine, Wine of traditions

We are in love with the land, the wine and the outcome, sometimes rude, that come from their connection

We love character and peculiarity more than approvations, experiment more than perfection

We’re looking for our way, easy, spontaneous, broad-minded probably full of mistakes but we hope funny and with satisfactions

Adagio Società Agricola semplice  
Office: Via bardella, 47 36100 Vcenza (VI)
 p.iva 04016420244

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