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Embracing a perspective means unveiling a unique personal vision.

Our "perspectives" are like annual adventures, each year bringing forth a new story, crafted in limited quantities. They often arise from exciting collaborations with fellow winemakers who share our wine philosophy.

  • Our focus is on winemaking

  • We use also international varieties

  • More characterizing vinifications (wood, amphoras, long maceration...)



The story of this wine is a bit different from the other perspectives. We have a small plot of Chardonnay, and to give it a strong personality, we chose to ferment it in terracotta amphorae in contact with the skins for 5 months.

These amphorae are made of Impruneta terracotta, neither lined nor buried.

It's an impactful wine, salty and tannic, with notes of clay from the amphora.

The first vintage was in 2018, and we make it every year

Prospettiva 2


Cabernet Sauvignon in purity, vinified in steel.

We often collaborate with a small farm that has a vineyard of approximately 25-year-old Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Located on a hill at about 200 meters altitude and facing south. Taking advantage of the cool vintage and conducting a slightly early harvest, we have created a spicy, herbaceous, and intense wine that enhances the characteristics of the grape variety



Cabernet Sauvignon in purity, vinified in steel and aged in old used tanneau for 18 months.

We wanted an important wine that would warm up the winter.

The 2019 vintage was warm and we harvested the grapes in perfect conditions for this wine.



We wanted to make a rosé, so we searched for grapes that would be suitable for our purpose. We found an old pergola vineyard of Pinot Grigio, which is the main percentage of the blend.

The color comes from a 4-day maceration, and vinification takes place in steel tanks.

The wine has notes of rose and small red fruits, with a pronounced acidity



The year 2022 was hot and especially dry, resulting in a significant reduction in the quantity of grapes produced, particularly in younger vineyards.

Given the situation, we chose to vinify several white grape varieties together. Specifically, the young vine of Ribolla Gialla and the old ones of Tocai Bianco. The result is a warm, fragrant wine with a saline note (that is somewhat the common thread of our wines). It's vinified in steel, and approximately 20% remained in contact with the skins for a week.

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