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Below, we have gathered some interpretations and moods, from us, from friends, professionals, and collaborators. They are all different, all fascinating, and all worth exploring without preconceptions of right or wrong.

What we truly hope is that you find your unique perspective, your personal mood, and, if you wish, let us know through the means you prefer: email, Instagram message, WhatsApp, letter...

The flavor of something is undeniably connected to the sense of taste, which forms its foundation, but it is also intrinsically linked to a multitude of elements.

Where are you? What surrounds you? Your comfort, the company you keep, the presence of the sun, your mood, the desires that animate the moment, the presence of music in the air, the scent that envelops the environment, what you are eating - all these details make each moment unique and personal.

It is you who, through your experience and perception of the moment, determine which wine enhances an occasion; there are no wrong judgments.

Every moment has its own taste.


For us, Friday is the time for our passions, and we pair our Friday with this feeling:


For when it's Friday and for when you wish it already were... 🥳🍷

FRIDAY at Osteria Bertoliana in Vicenza

Daniele from Osteria Bertoliana in Vicenza sees Venerdì as an interval full of joy 😄 where you don't take yourself too seriously and let yourself be carried away by the moment.


And you? How do you love your Venerdì?


This wine for us embodies lightness because "Sometimes it's simply beautiful to be carefree."


SENZA PENSIERI at Tabula Rasa in Asiago (VI)

Jacopo from Tabula Rasa in Asiago (VI) presents our Senza Pensieri as an enticing experience 🤤, an authentic portrait of our territory, perfectly paired with the "baccalà mantecato", one of the dishes that fully embodies our culinary tradition

Prospettiva 2 How we taste

Have you ever tried getting book advice from an interesting person? We suggest it paired with a Prospettiva2 and, of course, an amazing soundtrack.


PROSPETTIVA at XI Comandamento in Ferrara (FE)

Then there's Tommy from XI Comandamento in Ferrara, who drinks our Prospettiva 2 with friends, chatting away, filling the glass to the brim, and says that this way the bottle disappears 😂.

And you? What's your favorite way to enjoy a Perspective 2?

Prospettiva 4 How we taste

We love Perspective 4 best enjoyed barefoot on the beach, preferably while dancing 😊.



Mattia Coppo (@calcabrina ) found the wine's pronounced acidity interesting for two wine cocktails;


you can find the recipe in the video!

Prospettiva 3 how we taste
Bottiglia Cabernet Sauvignon Prospettiva 3

To us, Perspective 3 brings back the embrace of warmth, the comfort of winter atmospheres. It's that refuge you seek when the cold forces you to stay indoors. It's the warmth that warms the heart.


When you're immersed in laughter and stories with your family or lifelong friends, time seems to stand still. You haven't seen them in a while, but it feels like yesterday when you finally reunite. You talk about everything: your lives, your dreams, what you're up to. And between one joke and another, you promise not to let so much time pass before coming together again

Prospettiva1 how we taste

Prospettiva 1 evokes for us the intriguing atmosphere of when you wander through a city you love, breathe in its unique charm, and let yourself be carried away by the works of art and the stories they tell.



This wine remind us memories of lazy sunday barbecues with friends, where laughter fills the air and conversations flow freely. Drinking glasses of wine, we talk and discuss how to change the world.

Rosso Adagio how we taste

We love Prospettiva 5 enjoyed in the sun; its savory flavor with the rays touching us, immediately takes us back to the sea


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